Does being an exotic dancer cross your mind? If so, you are probably asking yourself how much money you can make. Will indulging yourself in this job worth the try? Let’s find out!

Exotic dancers, also known as strippers, are among the popular jobs due to its salary. The amount of money they earn, though, depends on the market and area the dancer works in. This means the kind of club a woman works at and whether or not she is a feature dancer. Also, their income depends on what she might probably make on stage, what she charges for champagne rooms and private dances, as well as how much she needs to spend for tip out and house bills.

Furthermore, they are employed to entertain the crowd at a discotheque or at a club where the music is being played. An exotic dancer can either be a male or a female and they are a group of entertainers who had the same goal for their chosen kind of job. Their job requires them to have different preparations that are intended for completing the perfect performance on the stage. They make different preparations like applying make-up, wearing costumes and other body accessories that make them more stunning on the stage.

Now let’s get directly to the point: how much do exotic dancers earn?

…in gown clubs and corporate clubs?

A dancer’s average salary in a gown club might be in the thousands a night. However, there’s a budget to keeping her corporate looks, and dancers frequently spend bucks on hair and nails, gowns, gym memberships, and anything that would help them maintain a good-looking appearance and slimmer physique. Moreover, tip outs in gown clubs are in elevation. Hence, anticipate spending at least 100 dollars a night.

Whereas in corporate clubs, strippers make the most penny. In fact, according to a college age dancer (interviewed by Huffington Post) who works as a dancer, up to 180,000 dollars per year can be earned by just working a number of nights per week. What a money!

…in nude strip clubs?

Nude clubs often provide dancers the high potential to make money than an average bikini bar. They could earn thousands every night. Most nude clubs host feature dancers who are not only paid for their dances, but for their stage performance and merchandise as well.

As mentioned, strippers are hired for particular occasions and goes into different places where they are going to perform. However, they remain working for clubs, pool parties, concerts and a lot more aside from the fact that they are really one of strippers.  They make sure that they have the qualities of a perfect dancers on stage by improving their skills including dancing. They even make themselves more physically fit and more pretense. They go into such work arrangement before they start performing.

Even more of these salaries can be earned nightly – again, that depends on the environment of the club. The time of the month, the weather, the economy, etc. are also other deciding factors.

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