Belly dancing has been around for a hundred of years. Besides being fun, belly dancing health benefits are limitless. It’s not only a form of exercise and entertainment. Did you know that it’s also a prenatal form of therapy? Yep.

In fact, it’s one of the first forms of exercise suitable for all gender and age groups. Furthermore, it boosts your confidence, helps you relax so you can sleep better and because you’re layering different movements on top of each other, it’s a brain workout too.

Anybody can do it. So, if you want to learn how to belly dance, here’s the basic tutorial for you;


Lift the shoulder up, push them back and then drop them down, making sure the chest doesn’t get lifted. Do this step from the side, while making sure you’re standing in a nice long position.


Now the hips, understanding the position of the hips is crucial to belly dancing. Make sure that the tailbone is tucked under and the spine curves naturally outwards. But what you want to do is pull the tailbone under. Try to also think about the pelvic floor. Raise the pelvic floor higher, drop the tailbone low so that the tailbone can point towards the floor and the pelvic floor points upwards towards the sky. So, move the tailbone down and pelvic floor up, making sure that you don’t over engage your glute muscles.

Knees And Feet

Moving on to the knees, make sure that the knees are neither pointing outwards, not dropping inwards. When you bend your knees, the knees should be facing absolutely in front. The position of the feet is also connected to what’s happening in the knees. The feet are going to stay hip distance apart or slightly in depending on your own preference. Just make sure the knees are not locked or too bend and that you’re standing in an absolutely comfortable position.

How To Create Chest Circles

Chest circles are made out of two parts; lifting and dropping the chest and gliding the chest side to side. Now for the lifting and drop, focus on the upper abdomen and the middle back, making sure that you don’t use the shoulders or the hips. To be comfortable, you can place your hands on your hips.

Using the upper abdomen, lift the chest up, then drop it down. Repeat. Now, add an accent to the same movement, move sharply up and sharply down.

How To Create Chest Glides

The chest glide is moving side to side. The muscle that is being engaged here is the lat muscle. When you push to the right side, make sure that the lat muscles on the left are squeezing and if you push to the left, the muscles on the right are squeezing. Move side and side and side, making sure the shoulders don’t go up and down. You can also add a sharp accent into this movement. Sharp side and side, making sure the hips don’t move and only the chest slides from one side to the other side.

Create A Complete Circle

For the last part, put the elements together to create a complete circle. Move side, join the dot from one side to the other as if you’re drawing stroke from one point to the next one. Follow that stroke by moving side up, side down, side up, side down. Make sure that one circle is connected to the next one. As you pick up the tempo, the size of the circle will become a little smaller.

Turn on the beat and drill all of this on music!

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