Pole dancing is originally an erotic dance that takes place in gentleman’s club but is now popular as a form of fitness. Being practiced by many enthusiasts, competitions for the best pole dancers are held in countries around the world. There is also a movement trying to include pole dancing in the Olympics as a pole sports. So, it is now not just a dance to allure men but also a mark of one’s strength and flexibility.


For you to be able to do pole dancing, you need to have a significant muscular endurance, flexibility and great amount of sexuality because it’s a form of sexy dancing. Climbs and body inversions as some of the athletic moves, while strip teases and basic spins are some of the sensual moves. Usually, pole dancing is being done in studios supervised by professional pole dancers, but you can also learn it at home if you do not have time to hit the studio, or if you are not confident enough.


Pole dancing helps you become flexible and strong, while it brings out the sensuality in you because you need to set your mind that the pole is your lover and that you need to seduce him. This is a great practice to enhance your lowering libido.


If you want to learn pole dancing at home, you need to at least be able to do the basics like climbing, gripping, sitting and spinning on the pole. But first, you need to have a good spot and space in your home where you can mount your pole, a space where you can move freely is enough. You can also add wholebody mirror in front so you can see how you move. It’s like you’re making your own studio. But, the mirror is just optional because the pole is the most important. There are different kinds of poles you can choose from. For a starter, you can purchase a portable dance pole. If you are worried about your safety, don’t worry they are 100% safe.


The next thing to do is to purchase the right clothes. You will need a shorts, tank top and a sports bra. Shoes are optional but a lot of pole dancers dance barefooted. You can also use leg warmer to protect your legs if you want.


Next is obviously learning how to pole. In order to do this, you need of course to buy Pole Fitness DVDs, look for an online tutorial, or look for full course online lessons. But bare in mind that when you’re doing pole dancing at home, there is no one who will correct you if you’re already doing it wrong. You may also get injured along the way for the repetitive mistakes you are making. In order to avoid that, make sure to choose a tutorial that is very detailed in instructions and techniques or get a help from an experienced one. Lessons should include explanations about the common problems when doing the tricks. Lessons should also be in high-quality format, easy to understand for beginners and stress free.

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